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The Issue On Our Hands

There has never been more pressure on teachers, head of subjects, head of years, all the way up to Headteachers. Schools constantly get scrutinised, they’re underfunded, less support from local authorities, and new teacher numbers are lower than ever.

How are you supposed to provide the education and environment you want to give, when there are mass failings throughout the system?

Alongside these failings the whole ethos of the education system is flawed. Everything is gauged towards grades and results.

Students flipping to the very last page of their essays to see the grade rather than the comments.

Nothing else matters!

That is the definition of success in Education.

Does this sound familiar…

Shouldn’t we do more?

Can we do more?


Together we can create an environment for students to truly succeed, together we can create a school system which allows the school to develop, students to boost their aspirations and ambition, and boost the reputation of the school in its catchment area.

Current Problems

Stress and Anxiety

1 in 5 students suffers from a mental health issue, with depression and anxiety

Students have had their schedules turned upside down in the past year, but looking after mental and emotional health is super important during times of uncertainty. If we don’t do something to remedy this, the next generation of school leavers could be very different from the ones before.

Career Advice

51% of students are not confident in their career path when they enrol in university.

How can we change this? How can we help these students? One thing we certainly can do is help them understand what options are out there, providing more information, and encouraging more businesses to get involved with students.

Skills Shortage

91% of businesses struggled to find workers with the right skills over the past 12 months.

This is the biggest challenge facing the UK economy by far, it will lead to outsourcing the workforce requirements, which will mean pumping huge amounts out of the UK. To fix this problem we need to start with education, we all need to work more collaboratively.

How we can help

Boosting Results

Our focus is on boosting the attainment and the achievements of your students. We do this through a range of methods including assemblies, workshops, and other programmes.

Gatsby Benchmark

We can help you across multiple elements of your Gatsby Benchmark. We can help assist with a stable careers programme, encounters with employers and employees, and more.


We can develop our programmes to support with the school maintain or improving their ranking on the Education Inspection Framework from Ofsted

Improved Employability

We can help students understand their career options, develop their passion for work, boost their performance. Our programmes will allow them to succeed, attain, and boost their employability.

Improved Mental Health

Mental health has certainly affected a lot of people over the last 2 years. Mental health is an individual journey for everyone, no ones journey is the same, no ones triggers are the same. We are passionate about helping students and want to help them understand what they are capable of.

Reduced Anxiety and Stress

School is an extremely stressful environment. Constant pressure, results focussed environment, external and internal expectations. We can help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with exams, and help the students achieve results they never thought possible.

Services We Offer To Schools

Ideal For All Key Stages
Aim A Little Higher - Assemblies

Aim A Little Higher Assemblies

High Energy, High Impact and Memorable.

Our Assemblies will have your students listening, laughing and learning how to Aim A Little Higher in their education

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Aim A Little Higher - My Student Brand

My Student Brand
Long Term Programme

Our flagship programme takes students on a 6 week journey of self discovery, goal setting and increased work ethic.

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Ideal For Year 10-12

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