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Helping you to overcome the skills shortage and hire young people from diverse backgrounds.
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How It Works


We will work with you to understand your current processes and recruitment strategies, your frustrations, and what the recruitment goals are.

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Following that we will discuss your current assets, your budget, and review all possible options to determine what fits with your vision.

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After discussing your goals, we will then develop a strategy to give you best possible chance to succeed with your recruitment and implement the planned tactics.

What Are New Recruit Services?

The new recruit services give you the opportunity to engage with the next generation, showcase your business, the industry, and the opportunities you offer. You will also create the opportunity to develop a pipeline of exciting, young, and diverse talent.

Current Problems Facing Recruitment

Skills Shortage

We are in the middle of a skills pandemic, and this is no longer focused on engineering, this is across all industries, and it shows no signs of improving.

Candidates without the required skills

Students are being failed throughout their education currently, they are not developing the soft skills and technical skills that businesses like you require.

More Competition than ever

There are record amounts of jobs in the UK (over 1.3 million) and you are competing with the smallest pool of talent we have had for some time. You need to stand out amongst your competition to have any chance of succeeding with your recruitment.

How New Recruit Services
Can Benefit your Business?

Help aquire new talent

This service will help you recruit new, exciting talent who understand your business, your industry, and want to work for your business.

A diverse workforce logo - New Recruit Services
Employ a diverse workforce

You will be given access to a diverse group of potential employees from different backgrounds. Our process irradicates any subconscious bias and gives you access to pools of candidates often missed through traditional methods.

Introduce new points of views into your business

By recruiting from these untapped pools of candidates you bring new ideas, new points of view, and new ways of working which can benefit your business going forward.

Beat your Competitors

Our service will give you access to exciting talent before any of your competitors and allow you to cultivate those relationships so when they are ready to enter the world of work, they only want to work for you.

Why Aim A Little Higher?

We work in partnership with businesses and schools, we help support teachers and prepare students for their future. We have recruitment professionals as part of our team.

We fully understand the challenges facing your recruitment strategies and we can give you the platform to overcome them. The most important elements within recruitment right now are your employee value proposition, reviewing your talent acquisition strategy as traditional methods are failing more than ever, and managing your brand reputation within the candidate market through innovative recruitment marketing strategies.

Our platform can target all of these elements and more to make you the first-choice employer for young, exciting, diverse talent who can help your business achieve its goals and more.

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We are trusted by companies to deliver the strategies required to produce the candidates they need.

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