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Helping students improve their attainment, understand their career prospects, and motivate them to achieve and aspire for more regardless of their circumstance.

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Helping businesses recruit new talent, increase diversity, improve social responsibility programmes, and so much more.

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We are a business motivated to help you. For years businesses, schools, teachers, and students have been drifting apart in their unified goal. Developing students with skills that business need.

We now have a huge skills shortage, under-prepared students for the real world, hugely underfunded schools, and education institutions failed by the curriculum and struggling to provide the learning environment that their students need.We provide a wide range of programmes specifically targeted to help with all of these problems. Everything from helping businesses with their recruitment methods, to helping teachers understand their students, and helping students aspire to achieve more and understand what skills they need, and remember how important their mental health will be throughout their career.

Whatever your problem, we have a programme that provides the solution. We are also able to provide even more bespoke solutions based on your requirements.

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What We Offer

We offer a huge of different programs and solutions to help you. Whether you’re looking to strive for success in your exams, host engaging events for your students, or become the #1 employer in your area, we have a solution that will help you!

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Years of Service

Providing the route to success for countless students, schools, and businesses.

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Supporting thousands of students to achieve more and inspiring them to succeed.


Helping businesses overcome their biggest frustrations and allowing themto achieve so much more than what they thought was possible.


"Thought Provoking", "Incredibly Influential" and "The unique view of the world was beneficial"


Thanks to Aim A Little Higher who left us all feeling motivated

Construction Youth Trust

Students have felt so much more comfortable describing their own experiences, successes and insecurities.

Ruth Atine
Student Progress Lead - St Peters High School and Sixth Form Centre
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