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Helping businesses, schools, teachers, and students to achieve more.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to bridge the gap between Education and Business whilst raising Aspirations Regardless of Circumstances.

We aim to achieve this mission by working in schools to deliver high-impact, engaging and practical programmes which give students the skills, mindset and most importantly, genuine belief that they can achieve more than their current circumstances may suggest.

This mission will also see us develop key partnerships with businesses to help develop programmes that prepare the next generation with the skills, insights and experiences they need.
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Aim A Little Higher

Once we enter the real world, we are faced with a number of challenges that school quite often hasn't prepared us for. Finding ourselves saying "I wish I'd learnt that at school".

This has resulted in a national skills shortage, overwhelmed Educators, and under-prepared students.
Teachers are being asked to manage a full curriculum, Ofsted inspections and expectations, changing policies, and some form of a personal life too. Whilst businesses are opening their doors to young people but feeling underwhelmed with the capabilities and skills available, resulting in having to look elsewhere to fulfil roles.

There simply isn't enough space for teachers to plan and deliver programmes that provide the 'real world' skills like understanding money, raising aspirations, communication etc. Equally, businesses have not historically done well in being a presence in schools across the UK exposing students to the opportunities available and informing them what skills will be required.

That's where Aim A Little Higher comes in. For years, we have been the voice and additional support the Education sector needed. Our role is tohelp prepare students for the real world through our engaging, high energy and practical speeches and programmes. We also work with businesses to help them reach the future workforce years before it's time to recruit. Our combination of direct school sessions and CSR collaborations are making an impact on the UK Education sector and making the future for UK Business much brighter.

Schedule a call with the team to let us know the challenge you are currently facing, and we will explore how we can help you to overcome that challenge.

A Word From Our Founder

Picture of Kamal Hyman
Kamal Hyman
Founder of Aim a Little Higher

“Skills shortage, Youth Unemployment, Poor Grades and A lack of financial Education. We all know how huge the challenge is right now. However, each and every young person we get to work with is a step towards changing the current narrative. We have the power to make a huge impact and it all starts with collaboration”

What We’ve Achieved So Far

Years of Service

Providing the route to success for countless students, schools, and businesses.

Workshops Delivered

Supporting thousands of students to achieve more and inspiring them to succeed.


Helping businesses overcome their biggest frustrations and allowing to achieve so much more than what they thought was possible.

Trusted By Various

Trusted by comapnies and schools accross the whole of the UK

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Our Story So Far

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Corporate Partnerships

 Businesses started to ask us to help young people in the transition into the world of business. This lead us to developing our Apprentice programmes, CSR offerings and Corporate partnerships.

Long Term Impact

Long Term Impact  - Our goal to deliver impact far beyond one off assemblies so we began to further develop our long term programmes such as My Student Brand

Became a mission-led company

Became a limited company and began building the team, new views, new expertise and a diverse range of ideas such as our mental health programmes.

Began working with the local authorities

Began working with the local authorities, NCOP & UniConnects, specifically working to raise aspirations and level the playing field for those from challenging backgrounds  

Invited by Corporations to speak

Invited by Corporations to speak to their new young recruits, helping them transition from student to enthusiastic, passionate & valuable employee

Delivered speeches & assemblies across the UK

Delivered speeches & assemblies across the UK, learning, improving and building our impact. Resulting in outstanding reviews for our high impact assemblies

Kamal was elected as Youth MP

Kamal was elected as Youth MP, fell in love with the impact he and the team could have on young people but out of love with politics. This resulted in Kamal being elected as an Olympic Torchbearer  

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