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Being socially responsible is no longer optional.
Your customers and employees demand it!
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How It Works


In this step we will deep dive in to your business so we can understand your strategic vision and how CSR program align with that and deliver the message you want it to convey.

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Here we will begin to investigate and plan the CSR program that will be right for your business.

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Then we will deliver the CSR program agreed by all parties and continue to monitor performance.

What is CSR Sponsorship?

The new recruit services give you the opportunity to engage with the next generation, showcase your business, the industry, and the opportunities you offer. You will also create the opportunity to develop a pipeline of exciting, young, and diverse talent.

How CSR Sponsorship
Can Benefit your Business?

Better Brand Recognition

It has been established that social responsibility is an excellent way for a company to build its brand and reputation. When we speak of branding for companies and businesses, the first thing that comes to mind involves the use of a logo, a tag line, and a name unique to that business. After all, branding has one end goal: creating a differentiated name and image for a company, business, organisation, product, or service.

Improves the Bottom Line
and Attracts Investors

Customer loyalty, value-driven purchasing, innovation, and engaged employees all contribute to a more efficient, stable business with a more devoted customer base. This translates to more sales revenue and more sustainable value creation for investors, many of whom are now prioritising non-financial performance measures as part of their portfolio management decisions.

Greater Ability to Attract Talent
and Retain Staff

It can be a struggle to attract and retain talent, especially in the current candidate market. Research has shown that 82% of Gen Z workers consider CSR a significant factor when deciding on their next employer, and 66% would consider a pay cut if it meant working for a more socially responsible company.

Increased Customer Retention and Loyalty

Companies that engage in CSR activities build trust and loyalty among their customers, resulting in long-term relationships and higher revenues.

Increased Employee Engagement

Extensive research proves that CSR and a strong sense of employee purpose actively contribute to increased employee engagement. Employee engagement is not just a KPI to measure CSR effectiveness; it’s a positive metric to further other business performance statistics.

How is the CSR Sponsorship

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With You

We can create & deliver the programmes with one of your representives
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For You

We can deliver the programmes all for you, so you don’t need to worry about anything
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Let’s work together to support local and global communities

What we’ve achived so far

You can help us double that!

Motivating, inspiring, and encouraging students to aspire and achieve more.


Helping schools provide the learning environment for their students to raise their aspirations.

Workshops Delivered

Supporting thousands of students to achieve more and inspiring them to succeed.

Services we can deliver with your help!

Aim A Little Higher Assemblies

Assemblies are an awesome time for teachers to relay key messages to students. We remind students of the importance of loving themselves, developing a vision beyond education and how their habits can set them up for both academic and personal success. Our speeches aim to empower students by providing them with guidance, relatable stories from our own experiences and inspiration to go out and build their dreams.
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My Student Brand

My Student Brand is a 6 week intensive programme which takes students through a 4 stage process to explore their talents & skills, gain clarity on their vision both within and beyond Education, raise their work ethic and learn key lessons about how the world works including finances and tax.
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Many of our other services for education

We have a range of other programs available for you to sponsor so we can deliver them in to various educational institutions, and continue to support the next generation and develop exciting young talent for your business.
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Why Aim A Little Higher?

We work in partnership with businesses and schools, we help support teachers and prepare students for their future. We also understand the importance of CSR for your business.

According to research, 92% of consumers would buy a product with a social and/or environmental benefit, if given the opportunity. This indicates a growing social consciousness that make it not only favourable to incorporate CSR in business, but mandatory to do so.

We are embedded in the educational system which provides us with access to your potential future employees, but more importantly your future customers. We understand what they want to see from companies, we understand how important social responsibility is to them, and we can transfer this knowledge to you and enable to present your business as a company who care about their community, the student’s future, and the future of our planet.

Trusted By Various

Since we began companies have trusted is to develop new recruit solutions, CSR programs, creative communication campaigns, events, and more.

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