My Student Brand
Preparing Britain's Youth For The Real World


GATSBY Benchmarks

This programme is positively aligned with all 6 Gatsby Benchmarks allowing it to further add to your institutions work to meet the benchmarks.

Proven Results

We joined forces with the National Collaborative Outreach Programme to create a longitudinal case study across 8 schools measuring the programmes impact.

Work Ready Skills

Students will explore and develop skills and knowledge vital for progression both during and beyond their time in Education.

Digital Option

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have created a fully digital version of this programme. Allowing it to be delivered remotely with students in a classroom, on school computers or from their homes.

What Is The 'My Student Brand' Programme?

My Student Brand is a 6 week intensive programme which takes students through a 4 stage process to explore their talents & skills, gain clarity on their vision both within and beyond Education, raise their work ethic and learn key lessons about how the world works including finances and tax.

We deliver 6 in person workshops with students whilst also providing each student with access to the online digital academy containing videos for the duration of the programme.

The 4 Elements

Know Yourself

Developing & Exploring Self-Awareness & Confidence
The first phase of the My Student Brand Programme focuses the concept of 'self'. We believe that helping students to develop a positive self-image will then increase self-awareness and self-confidence. Students will take part in exercises and discussions which encourage them to identify their own skills, talents, hobbies & interests without feeling like they are 'being big headed'. They will complete activities which help them to learn more about their character traits and begin to build an honest yet positive picture of themselves before progressing through the rest of the programme.

Know Your Vision

Creating A Vision Beyond Education
Very often, when we speak to students about their lack of effort or poor attitude towards Education it comes down to a lack of vision beyond Education. They can't see a clear, exciting future ahead of them and therefore find it hard to get excited and find motivation for the short term actions they need to take. In this phase of the programme we aim to change that. We explore careers, finance, family & lifetime experiences. We get students excited about the opportunities ahead whilst creating a realistic expectation of the level of effort that would be required for it's attainment.

Build Your Dreams

Creating The Work Ethic & Habits Necessary For Their Future Goals
The reality check. This phase of the programme makes it crystal clear that having huge goals, grand dreams and a can-do attitude are simply not enough. We dismantle the concept of 'chasing your dreams' and the 'overnight success' stories sold to young people online and in reality shows. Leading students to set themselves clear standards of behaviour, a desire to put fourth effort and ultimately a plan, designed by them to raise their attainment and take their goals from pie in the sky dreams to long-term plans.

Present Yourself To The World

Harnessing Body Language, Presentation Skills & Soft Skills
With the world at their fingertips, all the information in the world in their palms and answers to any question a search engine away; it's no wonder students don't feel extremely confident presenting themselves to the world. We help them to harness the skills to make a great first impression from mumbling their names & sloppy handshakes to maintaining eye contact. We equip students to enter new situations positively.

Main Aims

Increase Self-Awareness And Confidence
Improve Time Management
Increased Work Ethic & Personal Responsibility
Enhancing Soft Skills To Amplify Academic & Employability Skills
Become An Effective Communicator

Programme Details

Recommended Number of Students

Up to 45 students per program, with 15 students in each workshop

Duration of Workshop

Each in-person workshop lasts 90 minutes.

Duration of Programme

6 Weeks