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What We Do

We are on a mission to raise student aspirations and prepare them for the real world. We do this by delivering speeches and programmes which raise their self-awareness, develop a vision for their future and understand how their behaviours and decisions now will prepare them for not only their exams, but the world beyond.

We help build student's self-confidence, resilience and career aspirations.


We motivate students to want to aspire to do more and achieve more. Helping students become the best version of themselves.


Our programme's inspire students to aim beyond their current circumstances by exploring opportunities, developing skills and thinking beyond the status quo


We show students that their future is in their hands. Helping them to adopt a growth mindset and ensure their work ethic matches their new ambitions

Aim A Little Higher

Aim A Little Higher are on a mission to help schools, teachers, and students. Schools are doing all that they can, teachers work extremely hard, careers advisors train and get qualified in order to give the best possible advice to our young people. The problem is, the curriculum is large, not to mention the extra responsibilities Educators have to juggle. It's no wonder there is little space for 'life lessons' as it certainly is not fixed into the curriculum.

A huge problem is many students are simply coasting through their education doing 'just enough to get by', unsure about their future and experience an overwhelming amount of stress. Be honest with yourself how many times have you thought "I wish they taught me that at school?". For the vast majority of adults, the reality of the real world came as a shock due to a lack of preparation in school. Topics such as aspirations, goal setting, finance, wages, selling yourself and communication. That's where we come in. Aim A Little Higher was founded to help Raise Student Aspirations, regardless of circumstances and bridge the ever-increasing gap between Education and the real world.

We deliver speeches and programmes that support Educators in their mission to inspire, educate and transform UK students. Our programmes help students to get to know themselves, develop a clear vision beyond Education and develop the growth mindset and habits necessary to achieve high levels of personal & professional success.

What we’re proud of

Years of Service

Providing the route to success for countless students, schools, and businesses.


Helping schools provide a learning and inspiring environment for their students.

Workshops Delivered

Supporting thousands of students to achieve more and inspiring them to succeed.


Motivating, inspiring, and encouraging students to achieve and aspire for more.


Students have felt so much more comfortable describing their own experiences, successes and insecurities.

Ruth Atine
Student Progress Lead - St Peters High School and Sixth Form Centre

Even the most disengaged students listened and engaged.

Ian Ladley
Deputy Headteacher - The Deeping School
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What we can help with

Reducing Anxiety and Stress
Reminding Students to love themselves
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Aim A Little Higher Assemblies
Improving Employability
Preparing students for their future careers
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My Student Brand
Improving Student’s
Mental Health And Wellbeing
Helping students understand the importance of their mental health
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Personalised Assemblies
Helping Teachers Understand
Today’s Youth
Helping teachers overcome new generational barriers.
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Teacher Day Events

Our Services also help with the following

Gatsby Benchmark

We can help you across multiple elements of your Gatsby Benchmark. We can help assist with a stable careers programme, encounters with employers and employees, and more.


We can develop our programmes to support the school in maintaining or improving its ranking on the Education Inspection Framework from Ofsted

Boosting Results

Our focus is on boosting the attainment and the achievements of your students. We do this through a range of methods including assemblies, workshops, and other programmes.

Amplifying Your Message

We listen to your needs, goals and aims for your staff. Then take your message and combine it with our programmes to amplify your message.

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