How To Be A Superhero


Character Development

This programme aligns with the Character Education Framework helping your school to fulfil this requirement.

Inclusive Programme

Our programme is accessible to students of all abilities. It has been designed to ensure tasks can be completed through writing, drawing, discussion or by completing actions.

30 Videos Included

Both Of Our Superhero programmes are based around a daily video. Each video explains the days lesson and sets a 'mission' for students to complete during their school day.

Digital Version Available

This programme was created to be predominantly digital. We provide access to our online platform and deliver physical workbooks. Physical visits are optional.

What is the
How To Be A Superhero

'How To Be A Superhero' is a 6 Week Character Development programme which delivers key messages to Primary School students through assemblies, daily videos and daily missions which can be played in the classroom and completed in a variety of ways.

Primary School is a vital time for students, they are building their character, growing up rapidly and of course, getting their first taste of exam pressure. We have designed this programme to be fun, accessible and an easily consumable way to explore mature aspects of character development.
Each Of The Six Weeks Explores A New Character Based Theme

Students identify what bravery is, how we can be brave and embark on missions to explore their own levels of bravery.


We explore what resilience truly means. How superheroes use resilience and how students can and develop  this skill in their personal and academic journey.

My Superpower

This week challenges the idea that super-natural powers make a hero. Students explore the human attributes of heroes and understand how they too can be heroes every single day.


Body language, handshakes and even tonality. In this week students explore and develop different aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication.


We live in a world full of distractions. This week helps students to understand focus and explore how to harness it both for work and play.


We want, no, we need the next Generation to be the kindest yet. This weeks explores a variety of ways students can be kind to family, staff and fellow students every single day/

Main Aims

Help Students Develop Their Character
Encourage Cohesion Amongst Students
Raise Levels of Empathy
Improve Student Confidence
Raise Students Self-Esteem
Challenge Bullying

What Makes The Programme Unique

This programme taps into the 'YouTube Generation'. We have embraced the current level of attention and love young people are giving to platforms such as YouTube & Tik Tok and created a digital programme in a style that will resonate with them.

We believe in lasting impact. So rather than giving one-off solutions to schools, this programme gives you daily video content containing a lesson and a new 'mission' for students each day for 6 Weeks!

We have also developed a part 2 to this programme, specifically for Year 6 students ahead of their SATS.

Why Superheroes?

Superheroes are awesome. Children love superheroes and the idea of being a superhero but often believe that it’s only their superpower (super speed, super strength, flying) that make them amazing heroes.

This programme uses the concept of Superheroes but instead breaks down the characteristics that make them a hero regardless of their powers. Enabling students to understand and believe that they too, can be superheroes every single day!

Programme Details

Recommended Number of Students

This programme is suitable for any classroom size

Duration of Programme

6 Weeks - 30 Videos (A video a day)