Aim A Little Higher

Raising Student Aspirations Regardless of Circumstances
High Energy

We are not the stand-behind-a-lectern and deliver kind of company. Our assemblies are high energy, including music, spoken word poetry, humour and an overall engaging delivery style.


Students will be invited to ask and answer questions, take part in call & response, provide their thoughts and feel like they are part of the assembly.

Strong Message

We don't deliver the wishy-washy "Chase your dreams", or "Just believe and achieve" message.Our principles are based on self-awareness, clarity of vision and putting the full effort!

A little about Aim A Little Higher Speakers

Our speakers aim to empower students by providing them with guidance, relatable stories from speakers' own experiences and inspiration to go out and build their dreams. Our speeches are especially geared to help coasting students who go through their education journey doing 'just enough to get by' and sometimes struggle to see the value in school.

Aim A Little Higher Assemblies

Assemblies are one of the ways we try to empower students to become the best versions of themselves.
We help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with exams, school life, and transitioning in to work life. Allowing them to focus on what they need to do to achieve what they want.

Assemblies are typically an excellent time for teachers to relay key messages to students. However, after a while, students get used to hearing from their teachers daily, and occasionally assemblies need that extra spark to reignite them. That's where Aim A Little Higher comes in!

We remind students of the importance of loving themselves, developing a vision beyond education and how their habits can set them up for both academic and personal success.

What to expect

Speeches typically last an hour, including a 10 minute Q&A at the end. Assemblies can be delivered back to back to different year groups for the whole day.

You can expect your students to laugh, reflect and leave with a sense of pride and inspiration to adopt a Growth Mindset and focus on taking the necessary actions to lead to their own personal success.

Main Aims

Help Students Recognise The Importance of Self-Awareness
Encourage Students To Develop A Vision For Their Life Beyond Education
Managing Reputation And Confidence In School
How To Master Habits In Order To Achieve Great GCSE's, A Level and BTEC results
Challenging The "Chase Your Dreams" Concept And Replacing It With The Growth Mindset Of Building Your Dreams
Trusted By Various Schools

We’ve worked with many schools and educational institutions to deliver our assemblies and inspire hundreds of thousands of students over many years!

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