Aim A Little Higher


High Energy

We are not the stand behind a lectern and deliver kind of company.
Our assemblies are high energy including music, spoken word poetry, humour and an over all engaging delivery style.


Students will be invited to ask and answer questions, take part in call & response, provide their thoughts and feel like they were part of the assembly.

Strong Message

We don't deliver the wishy-washy "Chase your dreams", "Just believe and achieve" message.
Our principles are based on self-awareness, clarity of vision and putting fourth effort!

Digital Option

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic. We have created a digital version of this assembly. Allowing it to be played in the hall, classrooms, students computers and even broadcasted online to students working from home.

What are Aim A Little Higher Assemblies all about?

Our Speakers provide high energy, interactive and inspiring assemblies and speeches. Delivered with a splash of humour allowing them to be both entertaining and relevant to young audiences.

Assemblies are an awesome time for teachers to relay key messages to students. However, after a while, students get used to hearing from their teachers day to day and occasionally assemblies need that extra spark to reignite them. That's where Aim A Little Higher comes in!

We remind students of the importance of loving themselves, developing a vision beyond education and how their habits can set them up for both academic and personal success.
Speeches typically last an hour including a 10 minute Q&A at the end.
Assemblies can be delivered back to back to different year groups for the whole day.

Our speeches aim to empower students by providing them with guidance, relatable stories from our own experiences and inspiration to go out and build their dreams. Our assemblies are especially geared to help coasting students who go through their education journey doing 'just enough to get by'. All by teaching them the principle of Aiming A Little Higher - The same principle that took our founder from poor mock results to 7A's & 2A*'s at GCSE, on to become Youth MP for Peterborough and an Olympic Torchbearer. You can expect your students to laugh, reflect and leave with a sense of pride and inspiration to adopt a Growth Mindset and focus on taking the necessary actions to lead to their success.

Main Aims

Help Students Recognise The Importance of Self-Awareness

Encourage Students To Develop A Vision For Their Life Beyond Education

Challenging The "Chase Your Dreams" Concept And Replacing It With The Growth Mindset Of Building Your Dreams

How To Master Habits In Order To Achieve Great GCSE's, A Level and BTEC results

Managing Reputation And Confidence In School

And Much More To Help Students To Aim A Little Higher

What We Provide

In-person Programme

A Visit from the Aim A Little Higher Team

Digital Version

We are able to deliver the session in video format, both as a long form video or a series of short videos.