A Success Story From A Past Student

Hearing back from a past student who is now studying law at Reading University

Typically, an Educator will get in touch with us with goals for their students. This could range from raising aspirations in a challenging area or helping to ignite a fire within coasting students to helping high achievers manage stress or teaching students the basics of finance.

Once we understand the goals, we explore delivery options, create a plan and book the session(s) into the diary.

We plan, we prepare, we show up and we deliver to the best of our abilities the young people.

Now, in the moment, you can gauge how a session has been received. From teacher feedback, student comments and conversations with students that take place after a session, where they pull you aside to let you know their takeaway and the most impactful moment for them. We may even receive quantitative feedback from evaluations and key measures being tracked depending on the initial goal.

The one thing that is really hard to measure; is how exactly a student is going to take the ideas and apply them to their life beyond Education. So when we received this message, from a young man who took part in our session years ago. It really made us pause, read and appreciate the depth of impact working with young people can have long term. I of course will not share the whole conversation, but this extract really sums up the wonderful exchange we had.

The area is beautiful,
especially to where I lived
before. I grew up in Luton,
my high school when you
visited I believe was called
barnfield west academy
( chalk hills academy now)
Your talk was one of the
best I've had the
opportunity to attend.
Taking offence to the word
"potential" from teachers
has always stuck with me.
Your talk was very inspiring,
and it worked. My GCSEs
weren't the best but I
powered through sixth
form, now at university
reading law with a
scholarship to become a

-A Past Student that attened one of Aim A Little Higher's Assemblies

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