Our Approach To COVID-19

Whilst CoronaVirus has forced us all to adjust the way we work, we still have work to do. We have become a fully functional digital company able to deliver bespoke videos, digital programmes and live sessions to all of our clients.

We Refuse To Let Coronavirus Stop Our Mission.

The Future Is Digital & We Are Ready!

Our entire service offering is now available in a digital format - meaning we can offer all of our clients the same level of service through our digital platform.

What a crazy position the world finds itself in. Just as we were gearing up for the start of exam season, UCAS applications and SATS the world was placed on pause. Initially it came as a complete shock and left a lot of us in a daze. Wondering if this was going to be a short blip or a long term disturbance to our normal lives. Clearly, it has been the latter and whilst the media may report schools as being 'closed', we know that you have remained open. Open physically to the students that need you most, children of care workers and those who need school for other personal reasons. But also remaining digitally available to students studying, communicating and completing work from home. In response to this change and continued need for student support in wellbeing, motivation and preparation for the future, we have gone digital. This means that our entire service offering is now available in digital format - meaning we can offer all of our clients the same level of service through our digital platform.

Full details are available on our digital services page as well as in our updated digital service PDF.

Our digital offering has 3 main offerings. Bespoke Video Series, Digital Programmes & Live Sessions

Bespoke Video Series - After an initial conversation with you via e-mail or a telephone call we gain an understanding of your aims and objectives. We then create a proposal for a series of videos for your young people based on your aims. Once you approve of our proposal we agree a delivery timetable and start creating!

Digital Programmes - Over the past 3 years we have worked hard to create programmes that deliver content to students on a consistent basis whilst ensuring each week build upon the last. These programmes last 6 weeks and were designed based on our work with student and discussions with educators. They were then created and tested in schools to ensure quality and impact. These programmes are now available to access digitally. We are also offer a mixture of pre-recorded videos or live session delivery depending on the programme you choose and your petered method of delivery.

Live Sessions - These sessions are delivered live to your chosen group of students. They will have the ability to interact, ask and answer questions and receive feedback on the spot. These sessions can be delivered with a keynote speech or workshop style delivery.

So, Coronavirus is unfortunately still disturbing the world, but we are not willing to let is disturb our commitment to you and your young people.

Let's get to work.

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