Lockdown 3.0 Survival Toolkit

Revolutionize Lockdown Learning: Free 4-Part Digital Toolkit for Educators! Boost student engagement and well-being during lockdown with daily videos and activity sheets. Empower your students and enjoy a breather. Join us and share your feedback!

It's no secret that lockdown has been tough for everybody. Raising the aspirations of students, whilst also teaching a full curriculum is a tough ask at the best of times, let alone during a pandemic.

We've created this digital toolkit to provide free content to give your students a much needed boost and give you the Educator, a moment to breathe.

The four part series covers:

- Why Students Should Remain Engaged With Education

- How Students Can Ensure A 'Good Day' Even In Lockdown

- How They Can Use This Lockdown As An Opportunity To Deep Dive Into Their Interests

- How Ending The Day With A Set Of Questions Can Help Them Manage Their Emotions

We will send you a video, with an accompanying activity sheet each day for four days.

We would absolutely love to hear feedback on the videos & activities and look forward to being of service in the future!

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